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maximiliano modesti

Since the last 25-years, Maximiliano Modesti divides his time between Europe and India, where he founded the Ateliers 2M,

a creative and production platform for fashion and luxury brands. He is an advocate for the recognition of the indian craft heritage and its cultural and economic signifiance.

The Kalhath Insitute, founded in 2016 under the trust supervision of Maximiliano Modesti and Amine Dadda, works of promoting, training, and sustaining the craft of Indian embroiderers of Uttar Pradesh.

The Kalhath Institute is inaugurating its first artist residency in 2018. The aim is to bring together a contemporary artist with the embroiderers of the Kalhath Institute to create original works of art. The first guest of this residency is one of the most promising Indian artists of his generation, T. Venkanna.

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Portrait d'Hervé Perdriolle par Catherine Viollet, Malakoff 1982.

hervé perdriolle

Hervé Perdriolle is a collector, art critic and curator. He was the art critic of the French movement Figuration Libre (Blanchard, Boisrond, Combas, Di Rosa, Jammes, Viollet) and participated in the first exhibitions in France of Basquiat and Haring (Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1984).

In 1988, with the Di Rosa brothers, he created the Galerie de l’Art Modeste, which has now become the MIAM, Musée International des Arts Modestes in Sète (South of France).  

Since 1996, one of his main activities is to promote the "Other Masters of India" through the works of leading contemporary artists from tribal and folk Indians arts. In 2009, Herve Perdriolle opened his collection to the public in his first gallery in apartment in Paris. At the end of 2019, he leaves Paris to settle in Brussels.

Hervé Perdriolle is the author of the book "Indian Contemporary Art" published in 2012 by 5 Continents Edition and has organised numerous exhibitions, notably at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the Halle Saint-Pierre and the Fondation Cartier.

From New Delhi to Brussels

Max Modesti and Hervé Perdriolle met in 2012 at the India Art Fair in New Delhi. Both share a passion for India. Their paths have often crossed, in India as in France, mainly around emerging Indian artists (especially Shine Shivan and T. Venkanna) that the first collects and that the second exhibits. Both leave Paris for Brussels, Max in 2015, Hervé in 2019.

It was during their wanderings and discussions in Brussels that the idea

of opening a gallery was born.


"Art is what makes life more interesting than art", this quote from

Robert Filliou also illustrates what unites Max Modesti and

Hervé Perdriolle, a pronounced taste for the encounters and adventures that the art world arouses.

Arte Au fil du monde 2019

'Histoires de voir' Fondation Cartier 2012

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