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journal Print Version Available at the Gallery.


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Contemporary, One Word, Several Worlds

By Hervé Perdriolle

preface Jean-Hubert Martin

5 Continents Edition 2012

248 pages 28x24,5 cm.


Available for consultation at the Gallery


T. Venkanna "Love Me" 

T. Venkanna embroidered works done during his residency in 2018 and 2019 at the Kalhath Institute of Lucknow. Publisher Maximiliano Modesti and Abhay Maskara. Gallery Maskara and Kalhath Institute 2020.  192 pages 25.4x21 cm.


Available at the Gallery

Richard Long - India.jpg

"Richard Long - India"

Works in Progress

Photos done by Hervé Perdriolle during the first trip in India of Richard Long in India, 2003.

Publisher Hervé Perdriolle 2020. 
64 pages 28x21 cm.

Available at the Gallery

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