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Anne Pesce 'Seule dans mon Apollo'

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Regards Croisés

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Inside India


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Joël Denot "The Color of Light"


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The Spring of the Ancestors


Charley Case 2015 encre sur papier 198x402 cm. Esquisse pour la Chapelle du Mas-D’azil, chemin de Compostelle, Ariège, France


VIEWING ROOM November 6, 2021 to January 7, 2022

Samantha McEwen

Views of the exhibition "Who is Samantha McEwen" Modesti Perdriolle Gallery until December 23, 2021


Samantha McEwen 'Blue Dog' 1983 house paint on tarpaulin 165 x 217 cm - sold

tarpaulin 3 flowers.jpg

Samantha McEwen 'Remind Me Again' 2021 oil on tarpaulin 175 x 220 cm - sold

Maximiliano Modesti and Hervé Perdriolle are delighted to present a series of new works by Samantha McEwen specially made for her solo show at our gallery in Brussels.

tarpaulin trois flowers.jpg

Samantha McEwen 'Posy Painting' 2021 acrylic on tarpaulin 172 cm x 222 cm - price on request

McEwen spent the early days of her career in New York during contemporary art’s move towards the urban, with pop and graffiti in ascendance. Although knowingness and pop-culture reverberate through her work, the obvious references are jettisoned – what is retained is the pop-art tradition of breaking the world down to shiny surfaces; an approach that she has sophisticated and maturated. Cecilia Lyttelton

Tarpaulin by Samantha McEwen and early works of Claes Oldenburg in the Robert Fraser tribute exhibition at the Pace Gallery, London 2015.

pace gallery.jpg

Amorphic shapes, shadows, silver clouds, incandescently pink flower heads and blooms, pared down to the simplest of forms in iridescent silver and opalescent colours speak of the transience of nature. Some of the images so fragile in their execution have floating calligraphic flourishes with fleeting banal Americanisms such as it’s been nice to talking to you and ‘be my guest’ or, in memorium to Angus Fairhurst, ‘I’ll be seeing you’ ; may be to ground them in some way, to remind us of the frailty of human nature. Cecilia Lyttelton


  ‘Hello Long Lost Daughter’ Mineral Painting 2021 Japanese Gampi Paper 80 x 52 cm - sold

 ‘Petals’ Mineral Painting 2021 Japanese Gampi Paper 80 x 52 cm - sold

‘I'll Be Seing You’ Mineral Painting 2021 Japanese Gampi Paper 80 x 52 cm - sold

She makes history her own, as much matter of fact as tongue-in-cheek. With masterly ease she samples and appropriates. A late Matisse couples up with Monet lilies finding new life as Samantha’s giant white flowers on metallic theatre fabric. Ursula E Pohl

in Very Magazine Issue 21 April 2019

Bower Painting 2019 Acrylic on Glame 206 x275 cm 6'75_x9' copy.jpg

'Bower Painting' Acrylic on Silver Glamé 275 x 206 cm - price on request


  ‘Say’ Mineral Painting 2021 Japanese Gampi Paper 80 x 52 cm - sold

 ‘This Is How It Goes’ Mineral Painting 2021 Japanese Gampi Paper 80 x 52 cm - sold

‘Hello My Darling Daughter’ Mineral Painting 2021 Japanese Gampi Paper 80 x 52 cm - price on request

Portrait of Samantha McEwen by Alex Katz 1982

Portrait of Samantha McEwen byFrancesco Clemente 1984

page 2 Alex-Katz-Samantha-detail-1982-oil-on-board-16-x-12.jpg
page 2-3 francesco clemente samantha mcewen.jpg

In her uncanny semi-abstraction reductionist style, she “maximises the materials while minimising the subject “– matter becomes meaning. Glamé, mylar, red or white ... it’s the physical world McEwen draws attention to. Hers is the love of what we can touch, feel, admire, explore. Small scale duo-chromes can be mini fluorescent Rothkos or urban signage. You choose. Cheekily they might just be placed alongside a tinsel fringe.


Pink and Blue I 2021 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas  25x25 cm - price on request

Pink and Blue II 2021 Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas  25x25 cm - price on request

Only for the last few years, the art world has been rediscovering and saluting the works of women artists who have been neglected for so long. Samantha's work, totally representative of the 1980s, is part of these rediscoveries to which we have the great pleasure of making our modest contribution through this exhibition and publication

Shafrazi 1985.jpg
Instalation 1987.jpg
interview january 1985 sam.jpg

Samantha McEwen Solo Show at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery New York 1985 and 1987. Portrait of Samantha McEwen in 'Interview' the magazine of Andy Warhol, photo Lynn Kohlman, text by Robert Becker, Vol XV N°1 1985, behind Samantha an Indian buffalo exhibited at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in 1985.

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