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jean-daniel allanche

1989, Jda_Où suis-je corrige.jpg

Jean-Daniel Allanche "Où suis-je ?" (Where am I?) wall painting, Ouagadougou 1989.

Jean-Daniel Allanche, (born March 7, 1940, Sfax, Tunisia—died August 11,
2015, Paris, France) Professor and Researcher in Physics, painted and
repainted endlessly the walls and surfaces of his attic apartment that he
acquired in 1976 in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris.

The murals of his home were complemented by a vast accumulation of
collected objects, African sculptures, souvenirs of trips and places of living,
objects of all kinds similar to a collection of modest art investing every
nook and cranny.

Jean-Daniel Allanche has left behind him a major work of art similar to an
installation, a curiosity cabinet, accompanied by a few gouaches and oil
paintings. Never exhibited during his lifetime and mostly created in the late
70s, they seem to be sketches, studies, projects for his walls, for what he
considered his work, his lab.

Texts that give free rein to his imagination and build relationships with
physics were found in the flat-he talked about ‘’painting-molecules’’. The
notes of Jean-Daniel Allanche also contain written on his commitment to
develop an infallible martingale for color harmony. He said he had
managed to show the intimate relationship between musical harmony and
the colors. A melody, a symphony.

Music has occupied an important place in everyday life of Jean-Daniel
Allanche. It was also subject to a search field that he was experimenting at
will by playing the piano, the guitar, the clarinet and various oriental flutes.

Public Collections: Mnam-Centre Pompidou, Paris; American Folk Art Museum,
New York
Private Collections: Gerhard and Karin Dammann; Bruno Decharme;

Antoine de Galbert; Daniel Klein...

Available Works

cover allanche.jpg

Jean-Daniel Allanche

L'atelier moléculaire de Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

200 pages, textes français et anglais. Editions Fage 

livre publié avec le soutien de la Fondation Antoine de Galbert et du Musée International des Arts Modestes.

With Love 1986 
technique mixte sur drap
238x153 cm
Signé et daté

peinture sur toile 1986.02 clair satuartion.jpg
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