summer 2022

July-August - Opening by Appointment: Rue Saint-Georges 27-29 -&- Avenue Louise 337 Brussels 1050
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inside india

In the 1970s, the Indian government decided to give the same National Award

to artists from both art schools and local communities. In Europe, it was the exhibition Magiciens de la terre (Centre Pompidou, Paris 1989) which was the first to break out of the cultural ethnocentrism and to celebrate a contemporary art without borders of genres and origins.

"Inside India" extends this vision and presents side by side artists from Indian art schools and artists (auteurs as Jean Dubuffet has named them about art brut - outsider art) from minority communities. 

Works by Chano Devi, Pushpa Kumari, Prashant Pandey, Raja Babu Sharma, Rajkumar Korram, Shine Shivan and T. Venkanna.

video venkanna.jpg

Video T. Venkanna, embroidery on linen, Kalhath Institute artist residency, Lucknow 2019.

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