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franck andré jamme

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Franck André Jamme, caractères mobiles, 2018, Atelier Marie-Sol Parant.

Franck André Jamme (1947-2020) is a French poet and scholar of the outsider, tantric and tribal arts of contemporary India, and the master of René Char's La Pléiade.

Since 1981, Franck André Jamme has published twelve books of poems and fragments, as well as numerous illustrated prints, by Monique Frydman, Marc Couturier, Olivier Debré, Richard Texier, Valérie-Catherine Richez, François Bouillon, James Brown, Suzan Frecon, Marcel Miracle, Acharya Vyakul, Titi Parant, Jaume Plensa, Virgile Novarina... He is also a translator of, among others, Lokenath Bhattacharya and Udayan Vajpeyi.

In 2005 he was awarded the Grand Prix de Poésie by the SGDL (Société des gens de lettres) for his work as a whole, and in 2006 the Académie Française awarded him the Prix Sivet.

Six of these titles have been translated (by John Ashbery, Norma Cole, David Kelley, etc.) and published in the United States and the United Kingdom (by Black Square Editions, Siglio Press, Wave Books, Sélavy Press, Sine Wave Peak and Nameless Press).

Franck André Jamme has participated in several exhibitions of the works (Tantra Paintings, Achary Vyakul, Hill Korwa) he has studied and collected in India, notably at the Magiciens de la terre (Paris 1989), the Galerie du Jour (Paris 1993, 1994 and 1997), the Drawing Center (New York 2001) and the Venice Biennale in 2013. He is also the author of personal works such as his mirrors and slates hosting his poems.

works available

“21+7 Slates” Franck André Jamme, Les Bordes 2020.

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