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mayur & tushar vayeda

le printemps des ancetres.jpg

Tushar & Mayur Vayeda "The Spring of the Ancestors" Earth Art Project 2017 Ladakh India

Tushar & Mayur Vayeda are two brothers born in the Warli tribe, one in 1987 the other in 1992. Their grandfather founded the first school in their village of Ganjad (Maharashtra, India) and their mother is a teacher. Both have advanced education in Mumbai, one in the eld of management, the other in multi-media.


After completing their studies, the two brothers have decided to leave the megacity to return to their homeland and participate in the vitalization of their own culture. They started drawing again like they did daily with the other children of the village.


Their artistic approach leads them to devote the majority of their time to producing painted walls for NGOs in school environments in India, but also in Tibet and Japan.


At the same time, they take advantage from the fact that their family owns land to rehabilitate traditional habitats and develop organic farming.


Their drawings retain this fineness and sensitivity of the most beautiful Warli works. They renew the represented subjects by drawing on the popular stories told to them by their mother, but also on art history. The art of miniature, their interest in Tibetan culture, their questioning on our world give to their art the magnificent paradox of being at the same time completely on the tradition and fully in the current debates, mainly the relation of man to nature.

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