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pierre roy-camille

Pierre Roy-Camille is influenced by nineteenth century illustrator- printmakers such as Gustave Doré and aligns himself with contemporary artists such as Christopher Wool and Ed Ruscha. Roy-Camille’s main subject matter is the natural world which he interprets onto multiple surfaces such as walls, wood and canvas in order to evoke his own experience. Pierre Roy-Camille defines himself as a “producer of images,” concerning himself more with the final image itself than the specific process, medium or technique.

Pierre Roy-Camille was born in 1979 in Martinique and later moved to Paris to complete his studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Roy-Camille has shown his work regularly in France since 2007, including solo shows Earth, Wind and Fire at the Since Gallery in 2012. In 2014, Roy-Camille’s solo show Surnaturels at the Foundation Clement in his native Martinique, featured a monumental series which highlighted the boundaries between reality and fantasy, science and experimentation. Says Roy-camille, “My work engages “live” with the viewer, like in theatre. This type of interaction is much stronger than just painting on a canvas. I have a hard time defining myself as a painter. I am more like a performer, a creator of images, a magician, an “illusionist.” 

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